Urja Techniques (india) Pvt. Ltd. Blog http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/blog/ Latest Products Sat, 22 Jun 2024 02:49:39 +0530 en-us http://www.urjatransformers.co.in Voltage Transformers - Solving voltage issues http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/blog/voltage-transformers-solving-voltage-issues_2230.htm Wed, 17 Oct 2012 11:01:26 +0530 A Voltage Transformer is a device that gauges and protects the safety levels in high and low-voltage circuits. A very small amount of load to a supply that is being measured is allowed by them for the creation of an exact Voltage ratio for stepping the voltage up or down with accuracy. A Voltage Transformer is used in devices like radios, TVs and computers. Voltage Transformers are extremely helpful in places where the electricity supply is not regular.   Voltage Transformers help in regulating the flow of the electricity into these gadgets by using the step-up or step-down function and prevent the damage to the circuits of these gadgets. In order to install the ideal Voltage Transformer for a house or an office, it is necessary to note the wattage required by the items. Power strips are usually used to connect many gadgets to the items, so that multiple items can run through one large Voltage Transformer.   Voltage Transformers are generally used with 3-pin appliances, that is, ones that are grounded. Voltage Transformers are of great advantage in several ways. The purpose that High Voltage Transformers serve is different from Low Voltage Transformers, but both are equally useful in different categories.   High <b><a href=http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/company-profile.htm>Voltage Transformers</a></b> are used in CRT Displays, medical equipment and amplifiers. Laminated Transformers are used in lighting, motorized gates, controls for alarms, air-conditioning and vending machines. They are also used in the making of Isolation Transformers, telephone networks, measurement instruments, medical equipment, sound reproduction equipment.   Low-Voltage Transformers are extremely efficient and so, very helpful to its users. A Low Voltage Transformer is also known as the Magnetic Low Voltage Transformer as it transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another, using magnetic coupling. A major advantage of Low Voltage Transformer is that with this device, the chances of electric shocks are reduced to minimum. This Voltage Transformer is used in domestic appliances.   Urja Techniques (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned name in the trade of Transformers and other Power Saving Devices. The company, established in the year 1996, is among the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Transformers. The company offers Oil filled Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, Furnace Transformers, Dry type Resin impregnated Transformers, Cast Resin Transformers, etc.  To know more about the company and its offerings, one can log on to www.urjatransformers.co.in. Power Transformer Reliability is a Major Concern of Transformer Manufacturers http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/blog/power-transformer-reliability-is-a-major-concern-of-transformer-manufacturers_2231.htm Wed, 17 Oct 2012 11:02:25 +0530 A Transformer’s performance depends upon its various components. The various components in a Transformer including primary and secondary coils, a metallic core with high magnetic permeability, an alternating current source, cooling system and other accessories that are design specific. It is the utmost responsibility of the manufacturers to use the best materials to deliver the best. For high performance, it is very important to have a sound cooling system in order to avoid technical snags in the working of the Transformers. In the case of oil immersed cooling system, it is very essential to have proper oil circulation. The onus lies on the manufacturers to develop Transformers with such a design so that they can be easily transported and maintained without being cumbersome for a customer.   It is necessary on the part of manufacturers to introduce a magnetic circuit designed in such a way that the core clamping structure of the Transformer works efficiently. The Transformer must be equipped with proper electrostatic shielding so that it runs for a long time and does not get damaged in extreme conditions. While manufacturing a Transformer, magnetic applications must be kept in mind. A Transformer’s capacity depends on the phase structure adopted while developing it. Especially, in the case of a step-up Transformer or a step down Transformer, it has to be developed in such a way that the wattage limit does not get hampered in the process of conversion of voltages. A Transformer has to be moisture-proof else it will develop frequent faults. It has to be fire-retardant to avoid accidents.   There must be a thorough research before buying electronic and electrical equipment. When it comes to Transformers, Urja Techniques (India) Pvt. Ltd, one of the prominent Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers is the right choice. Under the guidance of engineering experts in the field of power electronics, the company manufactures advanced and high-performance Transformers. The company offers a wide range of reliable Transformers including Electric Power Transformers, <b><a href=http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/power-transformers.htm>Power transformers suppliers</a></b> ,Dry Type Transformers and Distribution Transformer. Besides, all these Transformers are available at very competitive prices. Types Of Transformers http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/blog/types-of-transformers_2915.htm Mon, 23 Sep 2013 11:11:02 +0530 Transformers are indispensable need of a large number of industrial segments as well as households. There is a wide range of Transformers available in the market. Amongst various types, Heavy Duty Transformer is the most reliable type for usage in industrial purposes. Likewise, each type of transformer has specific specifications and thus, respective uses. The different Types Of Transformers differ in designs but their basic working principle that is to transfer power from primary source to a secondary source, remains the same. Some of the major types of Transformer, some having sub divisions, are listed below:   Types Of Transformers Power Transformers with Laminated core- These types of transformer are widely used to lower the voltage of mains, in electrical appliances. Autotransformer- Autotransformers are usually used in systems distributing electrical power. They are low-priced, lightweight, small but quite efficient. Toroidal- Toroidal Transformers are doughnut shaped. They save space and can moderate the influence of external magnetic field. Pulse Transformers- The Pulse Transformers are optimized to transmit rectangular electrical pulses. These types of Transformers are used in telecommunication and digital logic circuits. Instrument Transformers- High voltage lines require Instrument Transformers to safely isolate and control circuits from high currents. Current Transformers- Current Transformers have a series connection that provides current to the containing secondary coil that is proportional to the flowing current of the primary coil. Potential Transformers- These types of transformers have parallel connection and have uses in metering. Potential Transformers are also used to protect high voltage or high current circuits. RF Transformers- RF type Transformers are used in works of radio frequency (RF). Air-core Transformers- Air-core Transformers are simple types of Transformers. They are used in works of high frequency. Ferrite-core Transformers- Ferrite-core Transformers are tuned Transformers, widely used in the fields of intermediate frequency (IF). Audio Transformers- Audio Transformers are specially designed for the purpose of audio circuits. They are used for blocking interferences of radio frequencies.   Based in Mumbai, Urja Techniques (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the prominent Arc Furnace Transformer Manufacturers In India. The company’s product range of Electric Power Transformers Manufacturer includes Distribution Transformers, Heavy Duty Transformer, Rectifier Transformers, Earthing Transformers , Cast Resin Transformers, Furnace Transformers, etc. They offer facilities of servicing, design, material handling, etc. The products of Urja Techniques (India) Pvt. Ltd. are reasonably priced. For further information about the company or to know more about the products, one can log on to www.urjatransformers.co.in Transformers: Components Types http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/blog/transformers-components-types_2916.htm Mon, 23 Sep 2013 11:17:50 +0530 Transformers are amongst the most essential electrical devices used largely for power transmission in residential, commercial and industrial set ups. They work based on the principle of conversion of electric energy in the presence of magnetic field between the circuits. Transformers vary in size and are used to alter the power from higher to lower voltage to update the impedance.   Components Of A Typical Transformer: The principal components of a Transformer mainly include: Core:  It forms a path for the magnetic flux. Coil: The primary coil receives energy from the AC source and the secondary coil receives it from the primary coil and sends it to the load. Enclosure: It protects the Transformer from any dirt, moisture and damage of the parts.   Types Of Transformers: There are different types of Transformers that majorly differ on the basis of construction, load bearing capacity and mode of functioning. Some of the common types of Transformers are:   1. Distribution Transformers: The materials used for the fabrication of Distribution Transformers are of good quality and ensure high durability and resistivity to several corrosive attacks. They are also known as Power Distribution Transformers, designed to make power transmission easier and effective.   2. Power Transformers: Power Transformers are highly durable and resistive to certain unfavorable conditions and due to these attributes; they are widely used in industries and households alike.   3. Furnace Transformers: The materials used for the fabrication of Furnace Transformers are of good quality ensuring high durability and resistivity towards corrosion. These types of Transformers are known for unbeatable performance and huge cost savings.   4. Reactor Transformers: Reactor Transformers are highly durable and resistant to varied unfavorable conditions. Also, because of their high performance, there has been observed an increase in their demand in the global market.   5. Rectifier Transformers: Rectifier Transformers are known for excellent capacity to hold short circuits and fluctuations.   6. Dry Transformers: Dry Transformers are the transformers that work in extreme climatic conditions and are maintenance free.   Are you searching for reliable Transformer Manufacturer? If yes, then your search will stop at Urja Techniques (India) Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers and Exporters in India. The company is also well-known as Dry Transformers, Reactor Transformers , Distribution Transformers, Earthing Transformers and Electric Power Transformers Manufacturer in India. It is one of the fastest growing companies in today’s energy market and has exported transformers to a large number of countries to expand globally. To know more about the company, visit http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/. All That You Should Know About Electrical Transformer http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/blog/all-that-you-should-know-about-electrical-transformer_2917.htm Mon, 23 Sep 2013 11:23:19 +0530 Electrical Transformer is a technologically advanced mechanism that transforms current voltage from particular circuit to other electric circuit via electromagnetic induction. It increases or decreases the voltage that comes from the substation. By and large, the Electrical Transformers, also known as Power Transformers, are used to convey current from power plants to commercial as well as residential places.   The Categorization: On the whole, Electrical or Power Transformer is a liquid filled unit that can be classified into 3 size categories, that is, small power (below 10 MVA), medium power (from 10 to 50 MVA), and large power (above 50 MVA). Though this categorization is not recognized by CSA, ANSI or IEEE, however, most of the times, is referred to by the consultants and manufacturers.   Service Life Of Electrical Transformer: A typical Electrical Transformer’s life expectancy can be determined by a number of factors, the primary of which being the excellence of its insulation system after certain period of time. Elaborating further, the oil used in Electrical Transformer is mostly subject to moisture and in the presence of even very less amount of water the transformer’s insulating value gets acutely reduced. Apart from this, the oil’s performance as a cooling medium as well as insulating quality can be reduced by oxidization too. It is, hence, very crucial that the structure and the design of Electrical Transformer is such that it slows down the contact of insulation system to the external environment that is full of both oxygen and moisture. Nevertheless, any typical Power Transformer comes with a substantial life cycle of around 30 years and it not at all means that the transformer cannot be used beyond this duration.   Consideration: Undoubtedly, Electrical Transformers are the heart of every electrical distribution and transmission system. In order to ensure that the Electrical Transformer operates with maximum security, it is prudent to check that it works as per the specific overload capacity and limit load. Also, the Electrical Transformer must be checked on a regular basis so as to avoid unexpected power-related incidents.   Buyers can make contact with Urja Techniques (India) Pvt. Ltd. to buy Electric Power Transformers in a wide range of models. The company is a well-established name as <a href="http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/">Electric Power Transformers Manufacturer</a> and deals in Distribution Transformers, Furnace Transformers, Earthing Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, Reactors Transformers, <a href="http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/converter-duty-transformers.htm">Converter Duty Transformers</a> , Dry Transformers, etc. These Power Transformers can be acquired in different models from the company. For additional details about the Power Transformers as well as company, buyers can log on to http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/. A Brief Overview of Electric Furnace Transformer http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/blog/a-brief-overview-of-electric-furnace-transformer_3363.htm Tue, 18 Feb 2014 12:26:07 +0530 Transformers are designed for transferring electricity from power plants to several areas in voltages paced down according to the requirement. The function of the Electric Furnace Transformer is to maintain a balance in the distribution of electricity in circuits, machines and other equipment that require power for functioning. Talking specifically about the Furnace Transformers, they are basically used to reduce the voltage fluctuations that can lead to the breaking down of the electrical equipment. Their load cycles vary depending on the metallurgical requirements and size.   There are two types of Electric Arc Furnaces – direct furnaces and indirect furnaces. The difference between the two of them is direct arc furnaces have three electrodes while the indirect ones have only one.   Purpose Of Electric Furnace Transformers At times, power supply is at very high voltages that are not suitable for the furnace arcs. Hence, the voltage must be converted according to their requirement lowering it down. <a href="http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/furnace-transformers.htm">Electric Furnace Transformers</a> take high voltage current transforming it into low voltage power that is suitable for the electric arc furnaces. Hence, the transformers act as energy converters that take down the power from high to low voltage. Some of the features of Electric Furnace Transformers are listed down:   Features of Electric Furnace Transformers Many of the steel making arc furnaces and ferroalloy smelting furnaces require frequent load interruptions in a day. The furnaces with large capacity receive power from high power systems which is economical for them. Hence, the transforms are designed to offer minimum power loss as they regulate the flow of electricity. The transformers compensate for the flickers occurring in the steel making arc furnaces. Flicker in them occur due to the fluctuations in the power system caused by the changes in arc during an operation. This makes them improve the production efficiency and even improving the product quality. They are equipped with multi-parallel twin coil disc windings that make them suitable for low voltage and high current applications. They allow for uniform distribution of current in the parallel conductors reducing the load loss and preventing the overheating.   Based in Mumbai, Urja Techniques (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent Arc Furnace Transformer Manufacturers in India offering products including <a href="http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/">Electric Power Transformers</a>,Electrical Distribution Transformers, Power Transformers, Furnace Transformers, Reactors Transformers, Converter Duty Transformers, etc. All its products are marked for their efficiency and quality. With an experience of more than two decades, it has earned a huge clientele for itself.  For more details about the company, one can also log on to its website http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/. Importance Of Power Transformers http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/blog/importance-of-power-transformers_3540.htm Mon, 21 Apr 2014 15:55:06 +0530 Electricity has become an integral part of our day to day life; as a matter of fact, it is hard to imagine our life without electricity.  Today, we have become so dependent on electricity that even a minute disturbance in the form of voltage fluctuation can disrupt our daily routine to quite an extent. When electricity is being transferred over long distances, high voltage is required to get the job done efficiently. But once this high voltage electric current reaches the receiving end, it needs to be reduced to the levels required by the end user. This function is performed by the power transformer in a cheap and efficient manner.   What Is A Power Transformer? A Power Transformer can be described as an electrical device that is designed to transfer alternating current from one electric circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of a Power Transformer is to reduce or increase the voltage as per the requirement. These transformers enjoy a long and trouble free life since they do not make use of any moving part and stay in a static state under normal working conditions.   The main function of a power transformer is to make use of the electric current and prevent damage to the internal circuitry of any electrical equipment. In addition to this, the importance of a Power Transformer is as follow: Low Operating Temperature: When we talk about transformers, operating temperatures play an important role. Power Transformers are built to cater to temperature rise of 40-50 Degree C. When a power transformer operates at half its load, the temperature rise is usually ¼ of the temperature rise at full power. Low Magnetic Fields: Power Transformers are known to emit extremely low radiated electro-magnetic fields.  This makes them perfect for use in electronic equipment such as low level amplifier, medical equipment. Voltage Regulation:  The voltage drop under load of a Power Transformer is much lower when compared to other types of transformer.    Urja Techniques (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a leading transformer manufacturer and exporter in India engaged in offering highly efficient range of Transformer, such as <a href="http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/">Electric Power Transformers</a>, Dry Transformers , <a href="http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/earthing-transformers.htm">Earthing Transformers Exporter</a> and Distribution Transformers. With emphasis on excellent customer support and manufacturing high quality products at an affordable cost, Urja Techniques (India) Pvt. Ltd. is here to cater to all your needs. For more information and offerings, please feel free to visit: http://www.urjatransformers.co.in/.