Importance Of Power Transformers

April, 21, 2014

Electricity has become an integral part of our day to day life; as a matter of fact, it is hard to imagine our life without electricity. Today, we have become so dependent on electricity that even a minute disturbance in the form of voltage fluctuation can disrupt our daily routine to quite an extent. When electricity is being transferred over long distances, high voltage is required to get the job done efficiently. But once this high voltage electric current reaches the receiving end, it needs to be reduced to the levels required by the end user. This function is performed by the power transformer in a cheap and efficient manner.

What Is A Power Transformer?

A Power Transformer can be described as an electrical device that is designed to transfer alternating current from one electric circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of a Power Transformer is to reduce or increase the voltage as per the requirement. These transformers enjoy a long and trouble free life since they do not make use of any moving part and stay in a static state under normal working conditions.

The main function of a power transformer is to make use of the electric current and prevent damage to the internal circuitry of any electrical equipment. In addition to this, the importance of a Power Transformer is as follow:

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