Types Of Transformers

Posted by Admin on September, 23, 2013

Transformers are indispensable need of a large number of industrial segments as well as households. There is a wide range of Transformers available in the market. Amongst various types, Heavy Duty Transformer is the most reliable type for usage in industrial purposes. Likewise, each type of transformer has specific specifications and thus, respective uses. The different Types Of Transformers differ in designs but their basic working principle that is to transfer power from primary source to a secondary source, remains the same. Some of the major types of Transformer, some having sub divisions, are listed below:

Types Of Transformers

  • Power Transformers with
    • Laminated core- These types of transformer are widely used to lower the voltage of mains, in electrical appliances.
    • Autotransformer- Autotransformers are usually used in systems distributing electrical power. They are low-priced, lightweight, small but quite efficient.
    • Toroidal- Toroidal Transformers are doughnut shaped. They save space and can moderate the influence of external magnetic field.
  • Pulse Transformers- The Pulse Transformers are optimized to transmit rectangular electrical pulses. These types of Transformers are used in telecommunication and digital logic circuits.
  • Instrument Transformers- High voltage lines require Instrument Transformers to safely isolate and control circuits from high currents.
    • Current Transformers- Current Transformers have a series connection that provides current to the containing secondary coil that is proportional to the flowing current of the primary coil.
    • Potential Transformers- These types of transformers have parallel connection and have uses in metering. Potential Transformers are also used to protect high voltage or high current circuits.
  • RF Transformers- RF type Transformers are used in works of radio frequency (RF).
    • Air-core Transformers- Air-core Transformers are simple types of Transformers. They are used in works of high frequency.
    • Ferrite-core Transformers- Ferrite-core Transformers are tuned Transformers, widely used in the fields of intermediate frequency (IF).
  • Audio Transformers- Audio Transformers are specially designed for the purpose of audio circuits. They are used for blocking interferences of radio frequencies.

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March, 21, 2017 at 17 : 25 pm

Nice information regards Transformers. There are various kinds of transformers like, Medical Isolation Transformers, Power Transformers, SMPS Transformers, etc.

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